The microcamera explore under the hair

Doctor Hair Trichologist Sebastiano Zappala is proving with the micro Savonlinna (Finnish town on the border with Russia.)

You can see immediately if your hair is good or bad, but you have the courage to see what you have in your scalp? A trip with a tiny camera that you can find in several places in Finland, which magnifies 300 times the hair and scalp, it may be helpful to many problems. So many people suffer from too much fat, too much dandruff or fall. Tuula Mäntylä and trichologist Dr. S. Zappala visited in Savonlinna, and performed an analysis throught out the day to find that many people suffer from hair loss and dandruff and many other that could not be seen with the naked eye. Tuula Mäntylä says hairdressers often have problems with their customers because they do not know how to cure certain anomalies and we help them to understand and find the right care. We do not want to give too much hope to those who have lost their hair to get it back and not even want the hairdresser to become a dermatologist. With the courses we teach hairdressing also understand when a given problem should advise the client to seek medical attention. Many time the doctors to the problems of the scalp are only cosmetic problems, but sometimes some abnormalities of the skin can become a source of stress and create other problems. Science from Italy trichologist Sebastiano Zappala worked for the company and is responsible for Vitalia research and prices of machinery and hair products.

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