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PHOTOS: The micro and the method vaculinfoterapy have given much new hope for patients with alopecia areata.

In the picture the trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala, Pirkko Papinnieni Ahlberg and Anja are analyzing the scalp of Tuija. This girl who had been for many years without hair (alopecia totalis), as you can see from the picture after about a year of treatment, it is perfectly healed. In Helsinki on 1/2 March, the company Vitalia held the 1st Congress of Trichology. The congress was attended by many specialists from Europe to create a communication between different professionals: dermatologists, psychologists, hairdressers etc. The hairdresser is the only professional who sees your hair and scalp every day, and should be the first to notice if there are problems. Anja Alhberg says the triangle trichological suggested by dr. Zappalà is very important to connect our experience of hair dressers studies and the experience of other specialists, so as to achieve maximum results for our clients. The conference organized by the company with its Vitalia researcher Dr.Zappala, who is Italian. In fact, in Italy, Trichology is far ahead than countries in Scandinavian. The client Tujia has suffered many years of alopecia areata and other products and equipment of the company Vitalia has finally solved her problem.

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