There are two types of thinning: “thinning stress continued,” due to the kind of life in which the individual is subjected on a daily basis and the”Thinning of inflammation and itch” due precisely to any cause that produces inflammation and itching . Read more


On the left you can see the scalp and hair, dandruff bits of color photos to white, in the deduction you can clearly see that its gone. Dandruff is a disorder of the turn-over epidermal cell, which desquamating erratically and high volume becomes visible. Read more

Steatoid Pityriasis

Steatoid Pityriasis to scales: it has accumulations of peeling thick and hard mixed with the fat, which in severe cases can get to a form so debilitating, not even allows you to comb your hair.

Freeing the hair and scalp from the scales, the situation improves considerably, giving in a few weeks, a normal function.

The removal must be done in a non-traumatic, dissolving fat scales made harder by these baceous (dust, gels, foams and soon), with a tricosmetico acid-based product and product line with the method used tricoderm T4.

As you can see from the photos the subject after only two weeks of treatment, presents the scalp and hair greatly improved.

Fungus and dermatitis

Normally we live with about 44 types of fungus or fungi, which live parasitically on our skin. Read more

Alopecia totalis

Alopecia totalis is developed in some genetically susceptible individuals, in which the immune system does not recognize the antigen, and then attacks it and destroys it (autoimmune disease) And ‘here that the papilla of the hair behaves as if it is attacked by the Medicines toxic (chemotherapeutics), in fact the hair loss often occurs in a short time and without a cause apparent. Read more


Psoriasis is a disease that primarily affects the skin and therefore the scalp,the scalp psoriasis is a disorder of the cells of the germinal layer of the epidermis and migrate them to the horn layer. Read more