Can red meat help hair fall?

With the fall of the hair of the type Telogen Effluvium (TE), some dermatologists say that a change in the diet, in particular the consumption of red meat, can lead to a slowdown or a problem.

Some dermatologists claim that a lack of red meat is a reason for an increase in TE and hair loss. Hair follicles are part of the last areas of the body to receive nutrients, as they are not essential for survival. The body gives priority to organs such as the liver and the heart. So if your diet is lacking in nutrients, your hair follicles may not receive any nutritional support! Regarding the cycle, when one is more deficient in iron, one of the essential minerals for hair growth. However, anyone can be subject to hair loss due to protein and iron deficiency. Hair follicles are mainly composed of proteins, they also need additional proteins to stay healthy. The link between hair growth and meat is in effect with regard to red meat.


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