About us

Tricosmetica arises from the study of Trichology in conjunction with the tricosmetric product TRICODERM. Trichology is a science very old dating back to 400 BC Hippocrates, still considered the father of modern medicine. The word comes from the ancient greek Trichology Dr.Sebastiano Zappala engineer biotechnologist in 1995 began
to spread Trichology in
Scandinavia, founded the STY (Suomen Tricologian Yhdistysry) (Association of Tric hology Finnish), of which he is honorary chairman.
Tricosmetica with the T4 method was initially taught in schools in Finland for hairdressers and beauticians, then in Estonia and Sweden.

Our brands are:

With this collaboration, it was born the first specialists in Tricosmetics in Finland.

They have been named Tricoterapeuti. The therapist is the one who had studied the scalp and hair and can make tricodiagnosis using the T4 method in combination with the products.

Cosmetic hair line TRICODERM. In the past ten years of tricycotherapy in Scandinavia about 2000 people (with abnormalities trichological)

We were able to formulate the first TRICOTERAPICI protocols.