What to eat to have beautiful and healthy hair?

The lack of iron causes hair loss and slows its growth. To have a thick and robust foliage it is important to eat foods rich in iron, such as lean red meat, turkey, egg yolk, whole wheat flour, dried fruit and dried vegetables. Read more

When to worry about hair loss?

As already mentioned, a moderate loss of hair is normal and completely physiological, both in men and women. Read more

Can red meat help hair fall?

With the fall of the hair of the type Telogen Effluvium (TE), some dermatologists say that a change in the diet, in particular the consumption of red meat, can lead to a slowdown or a problem. Read more

A course in Kalajoki

Photo: The trichologist Dr. S. Zappala is doing a course in hairdressing Liisa Tanska Kalajoki – FINLAND

School of trichology

Photo: From Italy the trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala came in the professional school of hairdressing Vasa Yrkeskola to do the course machines and hair products. Read more

Thanks and satisfaction

Photo: The Trichologist Dr. S. Zappala, analyzes the scalp Josefina Strömin with Tuula Mäntylä while doing the course for the machines in the Beauty & Hair Club. Read more

The results are

Photo: The hairdresser Arja Tastula, notes the trichologist Dr. S. Zappalà while doing a control with micro-camera, after a course of five weeks. Read more

Help you may have

Photo: Italy on trichologist Dr. S. Zappalà is doing a check with the tiny camera in the Salon Diona. Read more

Identify the problem

PHOTOS: The micro and the method vaculinfoterapy have given much new hope for patients with alopecia areata. Read more

The microcamera explore under the hair

Doctor Hair Trichologist Sebastiano Zappala is proving with the micro Savonlinna (Finnish town on the border with Russia.) Read more