The method T4

The method T4, dr. Sebastiano Zappalà ing. Biotechnology, was born in 1995 in Scandinavia and Scandinavian, Baltics countries .

The poplulation has skin and hair among the most sensitive and delicate in the world, which is why it was chosen as the area of study. Today it is adopted in schools for hairdressers andbeauticians in Finland, and by tricoterapeuti (specialists T4 method), approved by .

The Finnish association trichological (STY) Suomen Tricologian yhdistys RY. The philosophy of T4 method, focuses on the biological balance of the scalp and hair.

The method T4, in over ten years has been applied to more than 2.000 people in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Spain and Germany with various anomalies of nature trichological, with positive results in 90% of cases. The method T4 (Trichology 4 stages) is developed in accordance with the biological body, without the use of medications, procedures, products and equipment specially designed (Cosmetic hair products and machinery) The philosophy of the T4 method:

1.At the level of habit: stop thinking of only washing your hair, rather than the scalp. The hair we see is already a dead cell, “at best we can ruin it aesthetically” instead of the skin being composed of several layers of “movement” needs to be kept in ecological balance with adequate washing and periodic treatments.


2.Product Selection: based on the needs of the customer, the type of hair, the condition of the skin, and not the needs of the seller or the market.


3.Application: using the method T4 produced by the most effective results, both in terms of an aesthetic function. Supports: Use of equipment,

diagnostics, regenerative and stimulating.

In summary T4 (4 stages):



1.For removal means: dissolve organic compounds and inorganic scalp, clogging the follicles. (Oxidized fat, fine particles in the air deposited on the hair, residue of hair products etc ..)


2.For cleaning: the use of shampoo more appropriate depending on the type of skin and hair.

3.Feeding: the return of any of the minerals and vitamins removed from the treatments.


4. Stimulation massage manual, mechanical or chemical to stimulate the re-growth and capillary circulation.

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