Last course in Denmark

On 11 November 2009 was organized in Danimarcal’ultimo year, grossed in 4 days during which they developed all four levels.

At the end of the four days the president of the Association of Trichology Finnish STY

Ms Tuula Mantyla (right) presents the participants with the Diploma of Tricoterapeuti (Operators trichological). In the photo below the group of participants with a central Trichologist Dr. Sebastiano Zappala.

1° Lvl professional

It reaffirms all of the basic concepts as well as about the contents…

2° Lvl professional

It will guide the student in-depth study of the concepts of the…

3° Lvl professional

A closer look at previous levels, with particular attention to…

4° Lvl professional

Discussion of the concepts of the first 3 levels, with particular…

5° Lvl final professional

Congratulations for finishing the last level! Learning at…

Basic course

The basic course is free, it includes the acquisition of the…
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18 January 2020

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