Basic course

The basic course is free, it includes the acquisition of the general method tricosmetica T4 Cosmetic hair products and machinery. At the end of the course the student will be able to: perform analysis, fully identify the various anomalies tricosmetiche and know how to properly use and recommend all the products and treatments with machinery tricoderm Cosmetic hair line, using the method T4 with various formulations and protocols dr. Sebastian Zappalà.La participation in this course is for operators of the following categories: hairdressers, salons, pharmacies, drugstores, health food stores and all those who svolgongono related activities.

N.B. Acceptance to participate in the courses is always at the discretion of the organizer.

Those who wish to continue in the knowledge of Trichology will have access to 4 other levels of analysis, at the end of which otterrano a diploma by the Finnish Trichology (STY) of Tricoterapeutta (Operator tricosmetico)


The topics in the theoretical stage:

• What is Trichology
• The role of hairdresser in Trichology
• Cosmetic hair products (characteristics and effectiveness)
• Abnormalities of the scalp (in Trichology)
• Method of work Tricosmetico T4


Step Practice:

• Presentation of products and equipment trichological
• Compiling customer card
• Method Tricologico with lamp and Tricocamera
• Threat detection with Tricocamera
• Diagnosis and Treatments


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